cute love story

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cute love story. I have not eaten for about three days. Just before opening the room, fill the bottles of water and come to the room. I have not eaten with it, but I have not tolerated it without eating it. My chest has been screaming for it not for stomach ache or for not eating it.

cute love story I don’t know what to say to my face. I know if I could, I would have arranged the meal somehow in the meantime.


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I could not see Etir ‘s drinking like this. How did the girl dry up in two days? She may have never eaten in her father’s house like this. Her father may have used her to eat bahri food every day. There might be dessert and dinner after the meal. But with me he escaped from the marriage room and now lost everything, like his friend’s father has hurt.i love you

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I got up and shook myself with two slaps on my cheeks and said, “When you can’t eat, when you can’t take care, why did you come back for a bar while bringing it up and why didn’t it come to your head?”
Seeing me slap on his cheek like this, he got up and ran his hands over me with all his might.
“You started all this, did you escape me alone, I myself have escaped with you. My equal and guilt. If you are fond of hurting yourself, then strike me as well.”

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I was bowing down. What did you say to her now. I could not find any language to speak. My daughter really loves me. It is my great pleasure that I have found love for a girl like Eti.

cute love story
cute love story

There was always a misconception that the beautiful girls of the big men could never really love a boy. The devotees have no value to them. They all fit in the shape of shiny notes. I had to turn that idea around.
It is understood that beautiful girls take time to love, they simply do not love anyone and once they fall in love they have no value for money.cute love story