love and marriage

Love And Marriage Romantic Story

Love And Marriage-He was married in a family way. Basar night was his first question, how much love? I stared at his face for a long time. Said again, how much love are you doing? I said not one! I was very happy to hear that. He said, from now on only me Love, I will kill if I look at any other girl! I realized how much he loved me that day. The day I laughed and talked with his cousin for a while. I was saying. He hugged me and he cried! He told me, I didn’t tell you any more Talk to someone No. When I die, speak as you wish! Then I will not forbid! I cried when I saw her crying.

He told me, I am Be a father! What a pleasure to hear that I can not explain! I hugged him and walked around the house. He used to tell me if I didn’t hug him from behind while cooking Or he doesn’t want to cook. I used to fulfill all his whims with a smile on my face. Budd loved him. Still stale.

He told me, if you don’t hug me and sleep, he won’t sleep! He would stay up all night. So I didn’t stay anywhere at night as much as at night I would come home anyway!

Love and Marriage

When she was 6 months pregnant, she told me, how would you feel without me? I couldn’t answer her, I just cried! He would almost tell me if I had anything It’s like you don’t get married again! I will not let you be someone else even if you die! Don’t forget me I used to cry when I heard his words. Did he use to tell me while sleeping, try to sleep without me? I can’t say …I hugged him tighter!

One day he was in pain! I immediately took him to the hospital. He told me if If something happens, please don’t forget me! I love you so much I could not hold back the tears! I told him something No, I am yours. Don’t let anything happen! He told me, Once like last time Chest?

How Mau says that Cried! I could not hold back the tears. He did not want to leave me, hugged and cried! I was crying too! Everyone looked on Was.

Love At First Sight

I took him in my arms But this is the last time I did not understand. If I could understand, I would never leave. And me Saying, come with me, you are too scared of me! How many times to the doctor I said, I am his too Stay tuned! But he did not let me go. I heard the sound of a baby crying from the operating theater. I got the baby, but I didn’t get him anymore!

love and marriage
love and marriage

To him like crazy I went and saw him covered with a white cloth. I fainted after removing the cloth! When I regained consciousness, I saw him lying on the bed. I went to him I said where do you leave me? I can’t sleep at night Don’t know without you? Why are you leaving?

Get up, wake up, sleep a lot, and how much sleep? Don’t remember me? You didn’t say this, you can’t stand my tears! Look, I’m crying, Get up, don’t get up! Please get up! He did not hear me was asleep!

love and marriage

I was behaving like crazy when he was taken away. Still did not get up! Gone. He used to tell me that the day I would be lost, he would understand how much I love him You! Gone, lost! I have been living with his memory in my heart for 10 years. The little girl has learned to understand.

Tell me Don’t cry for father and mother anymore I will not cry anymore! He wipes away the tears. The eyes fill with water again, he wipes again. I could not hold back the tears. Let’s all respect that loves. love and marriage.