New High School Love Story The Love Of My Life 2021

High school loves the love of my life story Twenty-eight-year-old girls in the world of scarcity meant that they were not yet married. And in the case of boys, marriage can not be brought under thirty. Boys have to learn to catch up with the world.

True love story

true love story Mothers are less hungry in a world of scarcity. I ate because they didn’t eat. Sometimes, even with the stomach hungry, the love of my life they lie, “I have no appetite”! #true love story And parents are not tired in this world. Even though the body relies on medicine, it is necessary to go out in the middle of the night to eat rice in the afternoon. High school love story the love of my life

Lost love

the love of my life
the love of my life

Lost love They are not called to study in the world. Yet there is someone who reads the lamps before the light of the candle or candle is finished. Eid, in fact, does not show any fresh joy in their faces. lost love Each moment of joy is like a normal challenging day for them. If you can survive by eating.


In the college love story, I have seen many poor families where mothers do not talk about their minor diseases and pains. The teeth hold the teeth in place. Don’t pay for your own medicine again.

The mothers of these families can be seen in the body one month after month. college love story And stitch with needle yarn all over dad’s shirt. I saw their children use plastic bags thrown on our way instead of school bags. high school love story the love of my life

Love you forever
true love story

love you forever Not once a year do they find any good things. Sometimes they are curious about getting a curry for two days in a nearby house.

If the children of the world want it, they cannot afford it. They don’t have time for hobbies. love you forever They are taught how to survive in the war. The children of this world do not dream in reality and are satisfied with what they see in the bedroom.

Sad love story #love

Sad love story They understand the world very well understanding how a lack of money shows a situation to people. The thing is, If the pockets are empty, the sad love story People do not even want to know what gardener you are!. high school love story the love of my life