Radhe Shyam Movie

Prabhas Fans Suicide Note : (Radhe Shyam Movie )

A fanatic of Prabhas has done a strange thing. Prabhas wrote a suicide note to the filmmaker alleging that the film Radhe Shyam Movie was not updated. Fans of Prabhas have been growing since Bahubali.

They started waiting for his new picture. The days are numbered for the release of Prabhas’s new film Radhe Shyam. But the fans are not getting any news of Prabhas’ new work. For this reason, the fan got angry. Disappointed. That is what came up in the suicide note. On that note, the man blamed the UV Creations team and the film’s director Radhakrishna for his suicide.

Radhe Shyam Movie

He claimed that the producers have not been giving any updates to the film for a long time. In the suicide note, the man further claimed that he had never written a letter before. But he grabbed a pen to write a suicide note for a photo. He also wrote about the photo in a post on social media. In that post, the fan wrote, he had been waiting for Prabhas’ picture for a long time.

Prabhas Fans Suicide Note

Radhe Shyam Movie
  • But the producers did not listen to any of his requests. He then wrote, like a picture dialogue of Prabhas, “Enough is enough, no more questions. Although the first glimpse of ‘Radhe Shyam’ and the release date of the film has been released.

Puja Hegde is opposite Prabhas in this film with a budget of around three and a half crore rupees. The film will be released in January next year.