Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan disappeared after the film got zero

Shahrukh Khan

Zero was released on December 25. Box office and critics – Shahrukh Khan disappeared after the film got zero. I mean, he has not announced the new film so far. He recently spoke to the BBC about not doing business as expected in the last few pictures and showing his face on the big screen.

Shahrukh Khan, who is not known in any of the films, was found in Dilwale, Fan, Jab Harry Met Sejal, Rice, Zero, Shah Rukh Khan could not ignite himself in the pictures. What Dear Zindagi did a little better, but not as much as Shah Rukh Khan’s achievement, is more Aliya Bhat.

Why did the photos flop? Shah Rukh Khan’s straightforward reply to the BBC reporter, ‘The pictures were not good, so they did not do well. We all made bad pictures together. Yes, this simple answer is the right answer


. ‘

Shahrukh Khan added, “Indians know how to play cricket, everyone knows how to take pictures. So good, bad – all kinds of pictures are created, created. An image is the only reason to do bad business because the story is not well told. I don’t believe there could be any other reason. It’s not manners, it’s honesty. I do the job of the audience. The visitor is my boss. If I do badly, they will put me out of my job. ‘

This megastar recently shared a video on his 8th birthday. Where a conversation with his eldest son Aryan Khan was published last year. There, Shah Rukh Khan says, “Aryan and Suhana have grown up watching” Bazigar “,” Kuch Kuch Hota Hai “. But I want my younger son to grow up watching some really good characters. So that way, my father is a big star.

Aryan Khan advised his father Shah Rukh Khan. For the next three to four years, Shah Rukh Khan starred in films that made Abram proud of his father. And Shah Rukh Khan has also promised that he will work hard for it.


On the other hand, wife Gauri Khan gave Shah Rukh Khan ten ‘in the character of her husband. Shah Rukh Khan is the perfect companion of hundreds of ‘perfect’ companions.