Jazz falsely shraddha Kapoor the film in Bangladesh

Shraddha Kapoor is one of the most popular Bollywood stars of the time. The name of the film is ‘Masud Rana’. It was published on the morning of August 28 on Facebook, the production company Jazz Multimedia Verified Page. Shraddha, from Mumbai,

India that afternoon, said he was not acting in any film in Bangladesh. “I do not know anything about this film,” said Shraddha, the first light Mumbai representative. On Saturday, noon, Facebook reported that Jazz Multimedia reported that Shraddha Kapoor

shraddha Kapoor

could not star in ‘Masud Rana’ due to the complexity of the schedule. It is further reported that Shraddha Kapoor was contacted through an agent. He has signed a contract with the production company. Under the terms of the contract, he was sent advance signing money.

through that agent. He served from September 23 to October 28. But he has been scheduled for another Bollywood movie shoot since November. And the first light from Shraddha Kapoor’s own public relations institute has been told to a Mumbai.

shraddha Kapoor

representative, this is totally false news. No one spoke to Shraddha Kapoor about any such act. There is no question of contract, schedule, or signing money.