Why did farmers stop Akshay’s movie Suryavanshi in Punjab?

Suryavanshi was released on Friday. The film, starring Akshay Kumar and directed by Rohit Sethi, has grossed around Rs 26 crore on its first day of release. However, within 24 hours, ‘Suryavanshi’ was blocked in Punjab, India. Farmers in the Hoshiarpur area of ​​the state have torn down all the movie posters.(Suryavanshi movie download)

They have even closed the exhibition of the film there. The Bharti Kisan Union of Punjab has also staged a procession demanding the closure of the movie. According to the Indian media.

But why did the farmers suddenly get so angry about ‘Suryavanshi’? Farmers have been protesting in the Indian capital since November last year against the new agriculture law issued by the central government. Winter, sun, rain, epidemics, the police could not shake them.

Suryavanshi movie

The international community has come forward to support them. Many Hollywood stars tweeted in support of farmers. But the demands of the farmers were not met. Kisan Ekta Morcha claims that the artists and crew of ‘Suryavanshi’ did not support the peasant movement in Punjab. ‘They came, looted, and then forgot about us.

If it is Punjab, we will not allow “Suryavanshi” to run. We will not be given another chance to loot. ‘This is how the Kisan Ekta Morcha made a statement on Facebook.

The peasants of Punjab are still continuing their movement. In February this year, Akshay Kumar tweeted to find a way to solve the problem. He has been silent ever since. Akshay Kumar star this new movie fell on that cannon.

On Saturday, farmers in Hoshiarpur protested in front of the hall, tearing down posters and closing the exhibition. In this case also silent immortality.


‘Suryavanshi’ has been released in about five thousand theaters. Katrina Kaif has acted in it with Akshay. There was such a frenzy among the viewers about the film that in some places the show had to be held at 4:30 in the morning.

Film trade analyst Taran Adarsh ​​thinks that the box office income of this movie is around Rs 26 crore on the first day even though the hall is running with a 50 percent audience. In that context, the income from this movie will be 50 crores over the weekend. (Suryavanshi movie download)