Tabu-Allur 'Ala Vaikunta Puram

Tamil New Movie Allu Arjun

Tamil New Movie Allu Arjun. It is rare to see a South Indian movie and not a fan of Allu Arjun. The Telugu movie ‘Heartthrob’ recently shared the screen with Taboo, a popular and talented actress in Bollywood. The name of the movie is a little toothless, ‘Ala Vyakuntapuramlo There is more in this film, ‘Mahengodaro’ worshiping Hegel. The film titled Khatamte will be released today on January 12. After this film, Tabu returned to the Telugu film industry after three years.

Tamil New Movie Allu Arjun

Said that the experience of sharing the screen with Tabu. It started with, ‘I’ve known Taboo for a long time. Every time I saw him on the big screen, I couldn’t praise him. But this time it was good to see him perform face-to-face. Then Alu says, ‘Acting with an actress like him gives a sense of pure satisfaction. Because, when he is, the best performance comes out. As a performer, you must bring out those magical moments. He returned to the Telugu screen after nearly a decade. And that’s why he chose the right character.

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For the first time, 8 shows (benefit shows) have been held in Kerala, India. This Telugu language film will be released by dubbing in Malayalam. There are so many shows in the history of Kerala from any of these first languages. Kerala has a large number of devotees of Allu Arjun. And their interest in this picture is final. In this 165-minute film, Tabu is the mother of Allu. Nivedita Pithuraj is the sister of Allu. And Puja is a lover of potatoes in Hegle. This picture of action drama kind of has already created madness in the audience.

The trailer for the film has been viewed nearly a million times since its January 5 release. The film is directed by Trivikram Srinivas. Allu Aurobindo and S Radha’s (new Tamil movie download) Krishna have jointly produced the Gita Arts and the banner of Harika and Hasina Krishan.