The match with which Setienne won Barcelona mind

The match with which Setienne won Barcelona mind. Last year Barcelona lost to Real Betis in their league match 1-1. Betty’s coach Kiki Setien picked up a valuable win from New Camp. He has assigned Setienne to coach. How did Betis play that day?

Nobody was very interested in the match. Real Betis came to play in the New Camp, the team was ranked 5th in the Spanish League. Betis has never had such a good playing record when he comes to Barcelona. Rather, everyone was interested in Lionel Messi that day. Messi returned after a long day of injury. But not Messi, who was in the discussion for the match was Betis coach Kiki Ettienne. In his successful strategy, Barcelona lost to Real Betis in their home match 3-1.

Barcelona supporters

were shocked by the match’s defeat and watched their game in reverse. Etienne was praising. Johan Cruyff was so impressed with the coaching that he was so impressed with his coaching that day!

On that day, Barcelona was taken to the field at the usual 4-5-6. Etienne arranged for the team to respond to Barcelona’s tactics at 6-8-6-2. As a result, the keeper of the bar was kept busy by 3 to 8 players. Beatrice made Barcelona that day with the chemistry of players on the ball, exchanging quick passes and attacking effectively. So much so that it was Bar ।a who would have eaten at least one Haley goal in the first half.

Once Spanish winger Hoykin could not take a shot, Barcelona goalkeeper Ter Stegen was stopped by another former Barcelona player. Barsa defenses were cleared at the Carvalho defender’s pass by 5 minutes. Junior Firpo stunned Camp Nuke with a great shot from the left end.

In the 5 minutes, Firporei found Hoykin with a cross from Tayro. Hopkins, who was standing in a huge gap between Barsa’s defense and midfield, doubled the gap on a cold head.

Messi reduced the penalty to 5 minutes.

But five minutes later, a shot from Low Chelsea was ridiculously allowed to pass through the gloves. Vidal reduced the interval by 5 minutes. Waiting for the match but only 5 minutes again the forehead burned again. Rakich left the field after seeing the second yellow card. New Camp lost hope after Sergio Canales made it 2-2 in 12 minutes. Messi scored in the 12th minute with hope but the end was not saved.


Giovanni Lo Celso, Junior Firpo, William Carvalhoora turned the stick that day on the Busquets, the Rakitichs. Barcelona’s midfielders lost control of the midfield so much that the troubled Rakitich left the field after seeing a red card. Buskets also see yellow cards.

Busquets and Arthur Mello could not play the entire match. Earlier, Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde lifted them from the field. On that day, Setien looked at how Valverde should play football at the new camp. The day they renewed their football lessons with Bar ।a. At the end of the match, Sergio Busquets, with his own signature jersey, gave Setien the jersey, ‘The way you look at football, it fascinates me.’

Barcelona bought left-back Firpo after the match. This time he brought himself, the coach himself. Let’s see if he can bring Johan Cruyff back to the ideal bars!