True love story valantainsday in 2020

True Love Story Valantainsday In 2021

True love story valantainsday in 2021

At night, the wife realized that her husband was no longer as normal as five men. Her husband has a problem with his head. (True love story) The next day, he found out that everyone in the area had added the word crazy to his name long ago.(True love story valantainsday in 2021) After knowing the truth, the daughter’s family wanted to take the girl with her.The girl did not go, I will do the same thing to my daughter. The husband began to care for the girl in love with her husband.

Each of them has a few children. Husband is becoming more and more emotional imbalance day by day. The girl took care of her children, her husband, her mother-in-law, and placed them in front of the family. The boy married the girls early. Because he knew that no one would pay for the children when the father died. (True love story) The father is half-mad, but the bot is a family.

the love of my life

True love story valantainsday in 2020

She started living with her husband. The husband occasionally beats. Still, she tolerates everything and goes in love with her husband. Because the girl knows that her husband is not as wise as everyone else. He is suddenly good suddenly and bad.(the love of my life) Sometimes the wife would tell her husband,-You are so mad, who will see you when I am not? (the love of my life)Will he handle(True love story valantainsday in 2021)

love you forever

Husband used to say, did not leave me before and now when I am old? If I die?-I’ll die before you. I’m bigger than you. I’m older than you.(love you forever) Today the wife died of a stroke suddenly.(love you forever) The half-mad husband is screaming and the house is dark. What a shouting all around. The life of the locksmith tie stopped.

love at first sight

True love story

Bour, I don’t beat you anymore. And no, you don’t have to earn a return. You will see me without you? (love at first sight) Without you, I have no one, no one. (The story is real, and the wife died today).

Somebody can spend a lifetime in love with him under one roof. Whether he is crazy or disabled. But love is to remain.(love at first sight)Death does not appear to be anyone’s age. So everyone should be careful beforehand, what should I bring with me, Did I get it?

short love story

True love story valantainsday in 2021-Pray Namaz I will read tomorrow, read it today, read it now. It may be today or the last day of my life.(a short love story)